Broken Hearts

We got the news late last night that after our middle one left here yesterday after spending Thanksgiving with us, she went back to her apartment and sent her friends goodbye notes and tried to slit her wrists. We are shocked beyond belief. There’s going to be a lot to unpack here in the next week. She is in a hospital facility that can treat her for this, but we don’t know how long she will be there. We are going to try to get her to stay home for Chirstmas break, but we may have trouble convincing her to do that.

Please just pray for our whole family. This hurts in a way I cannot understand right now. Love to all.


Rainy Day

Like I said, Thanksgiving Day always brings rain here in Mississippi. And it has. I hope it lets up some so my middle child can go back to Starkville without too much trouble.

Everyone starts back to normal tomorrow. Bob is going back to work and my youngest goes back to school. I don’t know as they will be able to keep schools open much longer the way the virus stats are looking, but we will see.

We’re still doing Sunday School online until the new year. Church is supposed to start back in person next week but I’m not sure we will go in person for a while. Bob’s cough is still awful.

I’m managing well emotionally so far. I hope I don’t dip when my middle one leaves. We will see how that goes. But right now I feel good except for the tiredness when I try to do something that calls for any stamina.

Pray for us as we start back to normal. Pray for all still suffering from the virus. Godspeed.

Taking Everything Slowly

Bob and I are hanging out at the house while the young ones go to the comic book store and pick up Bob’s books. We’re listening to Elvis Christmas music and waiting for the game to come on later today. If things go as per usual we will lose, but you never know what will happen when Mississippi State and Ole Miss go at it. Bob is still coughing and we will have to see if he can make it at work Monday.

I will go back to work too and see if I can get this Sean Hunt story again. I need his lawyer to call me back and I need to call the sheriff’s office again and see what they will tell me.

I think as far as I’ve been doing this should be a happy Christmas for me. I don’t feel down; I am tired from COVID, but overall my mood is good. I need to check and see when all my appointments are due n December and where I need to reschedule what all I missed in November. So there’s that.

As far as I know, our church is still closed so we will be doing livestream tomorrow. I’m not sure about our Sunday School–we should find out sometime today. But we’re not going out except maybe to lunch with my middle one leaving to go back to Starkville. She put off technical writing as long as she could and is taking it this December–it will be the length of a summer semester class. She starts that Tuesday.

I also need to finish up the revisions for my thesis this month, which should not be too hard. I’m going to expand again about high school and that sort of thing. Plus Ellen Ann says I need to be thinking about an afterword to wind it all up. So there’s that.’

I am just glad that life is on an even keel so far and that our family is finally well again and that we didn’t give ourselves a chance to make our families sick. So that’s good. Hope everyone reading is doing well. Godspeed.

Black Friday

As is our tradition, we are not shopping today. We are going to go out to lunch then come back and put up the Christmas trees. Playing Christmas music in the background. So nice. I am glad we finally seem well enough to do things like this. I feel much better physically and mentally. Bob should be able to go back to work next week. I hope so– he’s been off almost a month.

I’m going to try to start back in on my story about Sean Hunt, People to call, information to look up. This is really going to be interesting.

We are woefully behind on Christmas shopping. We only have a few things bought. I don’t know how to solve this–we can’t come up with ideas on what to give this year. It’s just been a dumpster fire of a year and we’re likely not going to have Chirstmas with the Whiteheads because of Robert being so immunocompromised.

We will see how things are going next week. Hopefully we’ve all been safe over the holiday and can be with our loved ones over Chirstmas. What a world. Godspeed.

Thanksgiving Day

We’re spending Thanksgiving at my house today, just the four of us. Our Cracker Barrel dinner turned out wonderfully with just enough left over to feed us again tonight. We watched the made-for-TV Macys’ Parade and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and now we’re kind of scattering out doing our own things.

Bob is doing much better today–not nearly coughing as much as usual. So we’re glad he’s better. My middle one is home and looks good after her battle with COVID so we are glad of that. We heard from our oldest last night a Happy Thanksgiving wish–she’s going to have to work all day today and pretty much straight through the next eleven days without a day off. She did have the day off yesterday so that was something.

I’m full and ready to go back to sleep. But I won’t–I’ll just hang out here and be thankful that we’re not spending half the day driving. I miss my folks but having just had COVID I didn’t want to take a chance of taking it up to them. So that is why we are home.

Good wishes to everyone this Thanksgiving and in the kick off to the holiday season. Godspeed.

Trying to Get Back To Normal

Today seems like it is going to be laundry day. We’ve stripped the beds to wash everything so we can get rid of any lingering covid germs for when my middle child comes down today.

It’s finally raining. Usually November is one of our wetter months, and you can count on it raining right at Thanksgiving. But we’ve had a lot of beautiful fall days this November with no rain at all.

Talked with my advisor yesterday, She wants me to finish all my revisions by the end of the year and send it to her so she can read it as a whole. Then we will start on another revision to cut about 4,000 words out of it. Trying to get back down to 80,000 words. So we will see what we can do with that. She was very encouraging and said she could tell I had done a lot of hard work on it.

I kind of want to get back in the bed and sleep some more, but I can’t really. Too much to actually get done today. I go pick up our Thanksgiving lunch this afternoon from Cracker Barrel. So that will be exciting. I need to stop back in to the grocery store to get whatever my middle one wants for breakfast and get some more sweet tea for tomorrow. But I’ll go to the small one. Won’t be as crazy as Kroger.

My mood is holding pretty good, so that’s something to be thankful for. Hope everyone is having a safe Thanksgiving and being careful of the virus. God bless.

Advisor Meeting

I talk to my advisor today about the windup to this semester and I suppose get a lowdown on what I’m going to do next semester. I can’t beleive it’s finally so close to being finished.

Today I need to revise the close -to-final essay and see if I can revise on the middle essays I’ve decided I’m going to take my advisor’s advice on. But I need to get woken up as best I can before I start that.

I actually woke up a little early this morning, about 8:15 a.m. Usually I’m down until about 9:20. But I just went ahead and got up. I’ve had my breakfast and done my social media scrolling for the morning and need to lock down and finish this writing.

I’m holding up pretty well since I really don’t have a lot of demands on me besides taking care of Bob. Everything else is competing for second place now. His doctor told him yesterday it may be months before he is really well–not coughing, not so worn out, etc. So that sounds like fun.

Let me see if I can get any writing work done this morning. Hope everyone is staying safe from the virus. God be with you.

Finishing Thesis

So I am trying to tie up all the changes to my thesis and send them in tomorrow. I am working on the next to the last chapter right now and hopefully I can also add some in the middle that she suggested that I never got around to. Mostly because I was being careful with word count. But I’ve already blown over 300 pages, so I guess I can write as much as I want right now. I may go through it over Christmas and just remove “and”s and replace them with semicolons to drive the word count down.

Bob’s definitely getting better–his appetite has come back, but his cough is still awful. He’s hoping to talk to his doctor again this morning so we will see what he advises for that. I need to go out and get some more cough medicine etc. I’ll likely take our youngest out to lunch and pick it up then and bring Bob something back.

I will enjoy seeing my middle child when she comes in this week. I need to change all the sheets in the house before she gets here. And I’ll get to move back into bed with Bob. That will be nice.

I woke up a little earlier than usual so I am sleepy. But there’s a lot to do so I should stay busy. We will see how long it takes me to bounce back from coronavirus.

That’s all I can think of today. So I guess I will go back to work on my paper. Hope everyone has a good start to Thanksgiving week and can stay safe from the virus. Godspeed.

Blessed Sunday

Finally everyone else in the house is on the mend. I don’t know how long Bob’s cough is going to stick around but that’s kind of a constant with him anyway, so I don’t know if it’s a symptom of covid anymore or just his ordinary coughing by now.

One of my church friends has a husband in the hospital with covid pneumonia so I am praying for him and her; it’s really scary how close to home this is hitting now. Hopefully one of the vaccines can become widely available to at least the hospital people so they’re not putting their lives on the line everyday to treat people.

WE had a good online church service today and I am waiting to log into our Sunday School class at 10:30 a.m. on Zoom. We will see how that goes.

I have the next few days to revise the last of my revisions on my thesis then turn it in and have at least a month off to be thinking about it, reading it again, and seeing what else needs to be done with it. Next semester is polishing and buffing and making it conform to the thesis standards and June is defending and August is graduating! So that is so good to be able to say.

So praying for everyone to stay away from the virus. We aren’t doing anything with our families for Thanksgiving; we are just ordering in Cracker Barrel and having our own Thanksgiving dinner. So sad but with us just getting over this, we don’t want to spread it. Pray for all of you having to make similar decisions. Hope everything goes well. Godspeed.

Off Quarantine

So my youngest and I have finally finished our quarantine period. I know I’ve been talking about going out yesterday but I wore my mask and didn’t go into any stores; just stayed in my car. We’re talking about going and getting lunch and bringing Bob something back; we will have to see where she decides she wants to go.

I’m sorry I haven’t been exactly producing sparkling prose here these weeks. Between feeling bad myself and being worried about Bob, I just didn’t have room to do much except settle down the facts. But we’ve survived the pandemic of 2020 in all fronts so I guess that’s success as defined by the parameters of this year.

I think I woke up too early–I’m tired and sleepy still. But I soon need to pick up the ball and start taking care of house stuff again on a full-time basis. Yay. I think I will wait until Monday.

So keep thinking about Bob; he is doing better but not as good as he wants to be. He’s still under quarantine until Thanksgiving so that is that. Pray that he can fully recover and that my middle one can recover as well. Godspeed.