Thesis Syllabus

SO I drew up my thesis syllabus for the semester. It’s going to be fun! I’m turning in research logs every week as I revise. I have to write a process paper as to how I put it all together, and I have to format it correctly for binding.

I’m going to have four copies bound–two for school, one for me, and another one for Mike BD and send it to him. I caught up with him a long time ago and we’ve been emailing ever since. I think I’m going to dedicate it to him and Thomas Price Caldwell, my other creative writing professor. He was one of the first ones to believe in my work, as was Mike. Dr. Caldwell died a few years ago and I so regret that he’s not alive to see this.

Bob went to work today finally. He says he still doesn’t feel 100% but he felt all right enough to do a desk job, so he is doing that. We’re going to go see my middle daughter this weekend on Saturday and visit, take her out to lunch. I hope it goes well. My oldest should be completing her new level of training for her new location in Disney World this week.

Well, I need to go and see Tillie soon. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Be careful out there.

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