Burst of Energy

I went to it on my thesis yesterday–revising the first four essays and chopping one out near the end altogether. It was good work, but just didn’t fit anywhere in the narrative. So far I’ve shopped it down six pages and want to cut seven more. I know there’s places where there’s repetition so I will certainly cut those. My goal is to tighten, sharpen and brighten that entire piece into something you just can’t put down. We will see how that goes.

My middle one is already having to give up her dog. He’s wanting to play so he nips at her, which the last one did too, and it sends her in to a panic attack as if he’d actually bitten her. She said yesterday he was so bad about it and she didn’t know if she could take another day of the behavior. So she took him to a shelter this morning. I so hate it for her; she was looking so forward to having a furbaby,

My oldest one had her first day back at Disney and she was really enjoying it last night. She said some things had changed, but she was altogether looking forward to getting back into the mix of it all. I am so proud of her.

I guess I will go back to serious work. I need to write my research log and talk about how it’s all going so far. You people take care of yourselves. Godspeed.

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