Trying to Get Better

I threw up some more after I wrote yesterday and then tried to stay in bed as much as possible. I got a bit of energy late in the afternoon to do Bob’s laundry so that was good. Then my middle one called with great news–that I can’t talk about yet. 😦 Suffice to say it chased all my blues away.

So today we are just going to stay around the house I think. My youngest is at flag guard practice and has a birthday party this afternoon, but me and Bob are going to be less active. I feel pretty weak, still so I likely won’t go out for lunch. I did eat a banana for breakfast so we will see how that does.

I hope I get in my books soon. I need to start reading. I think I will try to go back to sleep after I finish checking everything on my computer. I am hopefully going to keep my medications down this morning.

Hope everyone else is doing well and having a good start to the day. Godspeed.

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