Just Finished Church

I didn’t go to church today; I still feel weak since I haven’t really had solid food for several days. But I’m supposed to get soft veggies for lunch and I’m looking forward to that. I just listened in on Zoom for Sunday School and livestream for church. Everything was good and strengthened my spirit.

Back into routine tomorrow. Hopefully my recovery will hold. If I do this again soon, I’m going to get my stomach checked out. No reason for me to be sick like this. I’m not around anybody to catch the stomach bug from or anything like that. I did wonder the other day if God meant for me to be on a liquid-only fast and since I didn’t do it is getting it done this way. But I felt no move of God to do any kind of food-related fast. I did feel the prompting for a music fast. SO I don’t know.

After I finish here I’m going to go listen to this morning’s early devotion and then Bob will probably be home. We’ll watch TV and I will see one more time if any major changes need to be made in my manuscript for this week afterwards. Pray for me to have guidance.

Everyone else is doing well. My middle one had two interviews last week for jobs after she graduates so she is hoping everything will turn out for one or the other of them. She’s still in Psycamore; I hope she is learning and not being stubborn about her beliefs about bipolar.

I guess I will wind up and wait on Bob. Hope everyone has a good day. Stay safe. Godspeed.

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