So I did go shopping for dresses and thought I’d found the perfect one–then looked one more place and found the really perfect one. I couldn’t try them on there (COVID policy) so I brought them home and the first one I had liked looked perfect, all right–perfectly horrible. I don’t know what happened between the hanger and it going on my body, but it didn’t look good at all. The second one was just as pretty as I thought it would be but had some tightness in it you couldn’t see, but I could feel. So now I’m going to start doing jumping jacks around the house every day to lose a few pounds. SO now that is nailed down,

My youngest’s school is closed the next few days, then they go alphabetically every other day to school until February 8. So they have seen something they don’t like in the COVID numbers.

My friend Jo called me yesterday–I hadn’t talked to her since we had COVID. She wanted to chat and catch up We’ve been close for a long time, but with what all has gone on we just haven’t talked. So I told her about my middle one. She was so shocked and upset. I apologized for ruining her day. I made me sad all over again. Sad that I had not been more watchful and aware, sad for her feelings during all that time, sad about all of it.

Well, I’m going to work on my thesis some more before I turn it in. Hope everyone can havea good day.

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