My middle one got a job offer from Indiana yesterday! She says she is going to take it–she likes the idea of what kind of work she’ll be doing for them and the people she has dealt with so far. SO she is very happy right now. We are too–it’s another long way away from us, but we were prepared for that. I just hope she is stable enough to go somewhere where she doesn’t know anyone and work and live alone. Maybe she can try another dog when she gets there. Or maybe she can look at it as a fresh start–leaving ghosts behind.

I go see Dr. Bishop this morning; I’ll have a lot to tell him about. I saw him the day before I tested positive for COVID. So yeah–a lot to tell him.

My youngest one took the initiative and went online to find a dress she wanted to wear for my oldest’s wedding. I like the look of it too–a very cute and fun look since she is so young. So I need to order it today. I’m glad she is excited to be involved. It’s not very far away now–about three months. Still a lot to do.

I am going to run and listen to today’s devotion from church and then get ready to go to my appointment. Hope everyone is doing well. Godspeed.

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