I saw Dr. Bishop yesterday and there wasn’t much he could offer me about my middle one but his sympathy. He did tell me who trained his service dog for his office and I asked if he would get me the man’s name and I would try to contact him for training a dog for my middle one. So we will see what comes of that.

I have been somewhat busy this morning reviewing my thesis and seeing if there is anything to this new section I will be turning in. I finally got my books in yesterday so I hope to start reading them tonight. I think I will start with the one I have already read, Kay Redfield Jamison’s AN Unquiet Mind. I am just not into working this semester. I don’t know why. Maybe I’ve lost my sense of mission? Maybe I feel that I’m not qualified to write this story since I obviously messed up so badly with helping my daughter.

I also don’t know what else I would want to do. I don’t want to give up. I have worked too long and wirtten too much and seen how what I write impacts people to do that. So that is really not an option.

ANyway. I need to answer an email for topics for BPHope. Hope everyone is staying safe. Godspeed.

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