A Little Scared

It’s sunny here but cold. Very cold outside this morning when I took my youngest to school.

I’m kind of dreading next month. February is when I usually start having a lot of trouble with my bipolar. I don’t want to because I am trying to help my middle one recover and trying to plan a wedding for my oldest and trying to write my thesis, But all those heavy responsibilities may bring something on. I just don’t know. I’m hoping having been able to cope with all of this that’s gone on that I’ll better be able to cope from now on. But there’s no promise of that. So if you all would think of me and pray through the next few months I would greatly appreciate it.

Not sure how I’m going to spend today. I’m going to try to work on my thesis this morning then pick up with laundry this afternoon. I need to pick up some medicine today. Slow day I think.

I’m going to go do my church’s devotion time and then get to work. Hope everyone has a good day and stays safe from the virus.

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