Aimless Day

We are just chilling out today. We went out driving today just because we wanted to get out of the house. But we haven’t done muh. Bob is feeling really bad with his allergies today. My youngest one is doing well, getting ready for her dance event tomorrow. Our middle one is coming down to see her dance tomorrow so that will be good. We will be able to take her to lunch tomorrow and that will be nice.

We will be at church tomorrow in person for the first time in a long while for me. Bob went last week while I was sick. But I’m better now so we will all go to Sunday School and church then come home and take my middle one out to eat.

I am really wrestling with some things that I’m not quite ready to talk about. They have to do with purpose in life and all that sort of thing. Pray for me as I continue to seek God and learn what he would have me do at this juncture. I would appreciate it. My bipolar disorder interacts with what I am thinking and I need some guidance to what’s my thinking and what is God saying.

I guess I will go and watch my church devotion for the day and then settle back in to working on my thesis. Wish everyone a good day. Stay safe from the virua. Godspeed.

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