Sunday Service

Had a wonderful Sunday service today. We saw nine people be baptized, and that was a joyous time as always. Adults down to five-year-olds. Just wonderful.

Today is the last day of the fasting time, and I feel like tomorrow I can start reintroducing music in my life. I’m going to start with gospel music then move to nature music. Then back into instrumental music. I don’t want to listen to words as much as just plain sounds. I want to listen intentionally instead of just music to fill the air. So that will be what I start doing tomorrow.

I did a lot of revision on the end of my thesis yesterday and got the page count back down to 300. So I am going to do a short epilogue to keep the word count under control. So I will go ahead and start work on that while doing the few line edits she is still giving me in a few places. I will continue to work through the other sections as I have them planned.

And I need to start reading the books I don’t have long to do that now–only a month. So sudden. I can’t good off any more. I’ve got to kick it into gear.

My middle one is coming down as we speak to get here so we can take her out to lunch and then go to my youngest’s dance event. So we will have a busy day. I guess I will need to get started on it.

Hope everyone is staying safe from the virus. Godspeed.

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