I got a message from the bpHope editor–I have another assignment from them for March talking about how my mood changes during this time of the year. So we will see how that goes. Hard to believe it’s February since January was more or less a continuation of 2020 in next-level weirdness.

I have a conference with my thesis director Friday to run down how it’s going. I’ve made some very good changes so far, so this time of review and polishing is not being wasted. I’m just not writing every day on it like I was when I was drafting it. But I applying more time to it than I did at the first of the semester so that is good. I turn in anther batch of pages tomorrow and my research journal (which I still haven’t read any books for). I wish I could get in gear doing that.

My plan is to do another round of editing once my defense is over using their feedback on the MSS. Then I’ll start sending it around to agents and start on the next MSS, which is A Year Without Writing. I say I will start work on that this August after I graduate so I can say I’m an honest-to-God MFA graduate in my query letters. That is the plan so far. We will see.

Well, I think I will start on lunch and laundry. I have had a very slow day of it so far and I think that will continue. Hope everyone is staying safe from the virus. Godspeed.

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