Finally Melting

Finally the snow melted enough we could go out and get lunch. It’s supposed to be in the fifties today so hopefully the long nightmare is over here in Mississippi. I hope it makes my middle one feel better, too. My oldest just sent me some pictures of flowers from Micheal’s that she is going to use for bouquets in the wedding–they are beautiful; dark blue roses for hers against her white dress, and pale blue lilies for the bridesmaids so they stand out next to their dark blue dresses. I hope all the planning is as exciting for her as it is for me. It’s so nice to have something to look forward to.

I’m going to start laundry today since the chance of losing power is gone. Bob and mine and my youngest one’s. Then I will go to work on my thesis and on my article on the hometown hero. I feel so much better today than yesterday. Some of it is likely getting my medicine back into my system, but I think most of it is being able to get out in the sunlight and not be so cold. I need to check on my parents and see if they have power yet. I hope so.

Hopefully we can keep up the schedule we have next week–Monday I take my youngest to get her drivers’ license, Tuesday I go see Tillie, and Wednesday we go to the lawyer to get our will updated. A lot to do that needs doing very badly. Then we’ll go out and buy the youngest one a car!

So everything is about to get very busy, I will go work on laundry and see what all I can get done. Have a good day, everybody!

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