Getting Things Done

I am nailing down doing the story on the community hero TODAY and turning it in. I need to get this project done. Then I can worry more about thesis, etc. I just fiddled the day away yesterday. I got nailed down what thesis chapters are going out this week and next. But that and getting my daughter her license are about all I contributed yesterday. So we will see what we can get done today.

I will need to work on the epilogue to my thesis this week–it’s come time to get that ready. I’m glad I’ve already gone ahead and been thinking about it. I’m pretty sure I know exactly w hat I’m going to say and limit it to two pages. Then I’ll start formatting and doing my process essay. This is not going to be easy. I’ve been writing so long that I feel like I don’t have a process beyond procrastinating to the last minute and banging a story out. And it is so affected by my bipolar, too–I wrote the thesis draft in one month in May last year when I was manic. Etc.

Debbie liked the idea on seeing whether state facilities were vaccinating mental patients in their care, so I will start pushing ahead on that ONCE I FINISH THIS OTHER ONE. And not before. I need to finish what I’ve already contracted for. Candy and Christy are coming today, and then I go see Tillie. And I have to change the appointment about our will –I stupidly scheduled ti when I need to be picking my youngest up from school. Unless I check her out early and leave her at home while we meet. I’ll ask Bob about that.

I guess I can wind up and get started on the story. Much love to all. Stay safe from the virus.

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