Rain Again

Our grass needs mowing so badly. And our yard is staying constantly soaked because of the rain we are getting. It’s so dark and dreary outside. Which is typical for Holy Week. It is supposed to clear back up by Easter.

Bob managed to go to work today and has stayed there this far. He may come home for lunch and stay. I’m going to have to go out Thursday and shop for Easter basket items. My middle one is not going to be home this year so I will only pack one each for my youngest, me, and Bob. Shouldn’t be much of a job but it has to be done.

I’m taking my youngest today to have her dress altered. She was closed when we went Monday. My youngest said she would like to go today since she gets out early. So we will do that. And hopefully it will not cut too close to the wedding day.

I still have a lot to do, so we will see how today works for getting it done. I am so sleepy. My mood is holding good ut so, so tired.


Solutions to Problems

So today is going to be about solutions. I went to my GP and got a really mild high blood pressure medication. One problem down. I am going to write my advisor and tell her I need a lot of help with these front and back pages of the thesis and see if we can schedule a conference to do them one by one. Then I’m going to call some movers and see if I can nail someone down for that. By then it should be lunchtime.

Hopefully I can do all those things. Bob is home again from work–he couldn’t even get in the car and go he was coughing so hard. We will see how he does today.

I am still severely sleepy. Not so much while I was driving but since I’ve come home. I hope I can stay awake. I am going to go ahead and put those solutions in motion before I do go to sleep.

I am fading fast. I need to get moving. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe from te virus. Get the shot! Godspeed.

Running Six Ways From Sunday

Bob came home before I had even come home from dropping off my youngest. He had coughed so hard at the office that he had thrown up so they sent him home. I had to lie down and sleep for a while because I was too dangerously sleepy to drive. I had barely gotten my youngest to school and me back home. So I slept and missed my appointment with Dr. Morris about my blood pressure, but I just made a new one for tomorrow at 8:15 a.m. Hopefully I can remember that.

Then I went into Jackson and made the deposit on my oldest’s catering for the wedding. Then I had called Bob and he asked me about getting him something to eat since he couldn’t hold down breakfast. So I went to Ramey’s and got him a vegetable plate and me fried chicken and turnip greens.

I don’t know how I’m going to do everything I needed to do today. The day is quickly slipping away. I think I will take my youngest to the dress alteration place and see if they can still alter it in time. I just want to get back in bed. I am so tired. I can’t concentrate on anything. I don’t know what to do.

I think I am going to lie down until two, get Bob to wake me up, then go to the grocery store and pick up my youngest. Come home, unload, get her dress, and go to the alterations shop. Then come home and fix dinner. I wish I weren’t sleepy all the time.

A Bit Sad

My middle one left this morning as soon as she ate breakfast; she was trying to outrun the rain. She was in a really good mood this weekend, acting much more like herself that we’ve seen her n some time. I hope it’s not an indication of mania. It made me a bit sad for her to leave–but I need to get used to it. Soon she will be gone permanently. I’d like to get in as much time as we can before she leaves. But I don’t know how to even manage it, much less ask or it. Such is the way of the world.

I was so sleepy in church again. Bob kept jostling me with his elbow. But we had the Lord’s Supper and then a healing service where people could come and pray. I found our old Sunday School teacher and his wife and asked them to pray for my middle one with her bipolar and me with mine. They of course know my middle one–the husband was her doctor all her life and the wife taught children’s choir when she was volunteering in it. So they prayed with me for a good little bit, and that made me feel like I was still taking care of her the best way I could right now. She only has a month left of school and that will be such a relief to all of us knowing she has her degree.

Speaking of degrees, I need to be working harder on mine. I still have to create all the front and back pages for my thesis, write my process essay over again, and create the abstract and vita. I am giving a lady one more day to contact me for my MCIR story, then I am telling them I am done with it. I need to come up with a way to check on my employment papers for the CL, and I need to find a way to work on my next BPHope project, which was going to be for April, but I finagled it for my June project because I literally could not figure out a way to work it in before the deadline.

We go to a little dance competition this afternoon. They’re not daylong affairs like they were before COVID. And I am so thankful. I do not miss those at all.

I wish I could go to sleep. But I am going to work on laundry while we’re waiting to leave. Get Bob’s clothes together. Then dry my youngest ‘s load, then run mine through. Maye I can get in a nap after the dance trip. We will see.

Hope everyone is staying safe from the virus and have a good week this coming week. I think I will have a good week. Godspeed.

Fun Weekend Plans

My youngest is at her flag guard competition for band and we’re waiting for our middle one to come in from Starkville so we can go eat lunch with her. Tonight we’re taking her to her special dinner to celebrate her getting her first job! We’re going to Char Restaurant in Jackson, which is a fancy steakhouse we all like.

She just drove up so I need to run. Be thinking of me in the days ahead–I already know I have a low-level depression


I have been enormously busy the last couple of days. I went to the dentist yesterday and he unexpectedly had to crown a tooth. Came home, worked, had lunch. Went and picked up my youngest from school and that took forever. Went to the grocery store and hit a light pole and crunched my right front bumper. THen came home and got the news that the high school had not submitted my child’s paperwork to get an accommodations on the ACT test on Tuesday. That was what finally made me mad yesterday.

So this morning I took my youngest to school and went and got my oil changed, then went and took the car to be looked at to see how it might be fixed. They have to order the parts. And at my dentist’s office I found out my blood pressure was too high so I called today and made an appointment on Monday with Dr. Morris. I am just now settling down to work. And I am so tired already. AND I have laundry to do, mine and Bob’s.

I’m going to try to completely redo my process essay today and finalize that. Then depending if I can get another call returned, I will finish out my MCIR story. And I have to go into Jackson and pay a deposit on my oldest daughter’s catering for the wedding.

So my mood is holding up well so far today. Like I said, I really didn’t get angry yesterday until I got the news about the ACT. So we will see what happens the rest of the day. I do know I could go into the bedroom and fall asleep very easily. But otherwise I am fine. Got some meds refilled yesterday and am sailing along with those.

So I guess I will get back to my enormously busy day. That bed in the bedroom is looking better and better. GODSPEED.

The Dentist! Fun!

I hate going to the dentist.

This time they’ve implemented a new procedure–taking your blood pressure before drilling. Mine was way too high–it took ten minutes of nitrous oxide to calm it down to where they felt they could fill the cavity. So now I need to schedule with my regular doctor and start HBP medicine. FUN!

Went yesterday and saw my father-in-law get his honorary doctorate, then we got back and went and celebrated at Table 100. That was fun, more or less. Me and Bob got to spend a lot of time together in the car talking, so that was nice. My middle one has re-dyed her hair again–now she’s a redhead. I don’t know what she is going to settle on for her job. I don’t know that she knows. We will see

I wished my dad a happy birthday yesterday so that was nice. We talked on the phone a good while. I have so much work that still needs to be done. But it will get done. I’m sure of it.

I’m in a decent mood for having been to the dentist. I’m about where I was before I saw Tillie. Cheerful ut a bit scattered. I am going to try to finish up all my loose ends this week and start on some new stuff. I’m still reading my thesis through for any final mistakes, then I will start on the Table of Contents and all the other ancillary material. I want to finish that as soon as possible. Then convert it to PDF and send it out to my committee for the final evaluation.

So I need to get going on all that. Hope everyone is having a good day. Hang in there and don’t rush things–I know I will be lost after the wedding and my middle one’s move so I am not going to take the time left for granted. Godspeed.

Big Occasions

My father-in-law gets a honorary doctorate today for his services provided from a university down south today. We are all going to the ceremony–Bob comes home at noon and we will head out. Have to dress up and everything. I think it will be a nice thing.

Today is my daddy’s birthday and also the birthday for my oldest one’s guy! That will make it easy to remember. We go see daddy and my sister and her daughter for Easter and that is when we will have their gifts and all. I will call daddy in just a it and wish him a happy birthday.

I got things done yesterday–I called movers and got several hits and misses. I’m reading through my thesis again trying to find places to cut and it’s just impossible. I will have to rely on the committee to make suggestions. I will start soon on my front and back matter for the bound copies. I will start on that once I finish reading it again. I will see what I can accomplish this morning.

My mood is holding well right now. I am ale to get up and do things, So that is helpful. Not as tired as I was Monday. Hopefully I can keep the first lit under my butt since we only have a month until the wedding now. So we will see.

I need to run get started on eveything. Hope everyone has a good day and stays safe from the virus. Godspeed.

Happy Birthday!

To my only sister on her birthday. She turns 40 today and I think she’s been dreading it. But I will call her tonight and see if I can cheer her up. We are ten-and-a half years apart with no one in between. So we will see how that goes. If you’re reading, my sister, now that I love you and have been so excited to see you grow up!

I had a bit of a spell yesterday. I had to get Bob home to take care of me. I wanted to run off and find a hotel room and sleep round the clock until I was sick of sleeping. Then maybe I would finally get my rest I need. I know it’s the disease. I know I’m taking a lot of medicine where the side effects are sleepiness. But I have too much to do to goof off like that right now. The wedding is a month away and my middle one moves the next week. The time for goofing off is gone.

I need to start calling movers to see if they make interstate moves. We will see who answers the phone and will do it. She is taking her furniture out of her room and moving everything that was in her apartment down here to carry. That’s going to be exciting.

Well, I need to get going on a lot of things. Hope everyone is having a good day and staying safe from the virus Godspeed

Too Busy

(Let’s try typing again. The computer keeps eating my sentences.)

I have a packed week that I have no desire to participate in. I just want to go to bed. This feeling is a fairly common one for me this time of year. It makes me despair that I’ll ever work regularly again. Today I should be doing A LOT of stuff. And I know I just can’t. It’s so frustrating.

I’m struggling just typing this.

I just don’t know how to make it all work.

You’d think a paycheck would motivate me. But I guess not any more.

Things are taking too long to get done. Soon I’ll be eating lunch and won’t be good for anything until after one. Then I have to go to the grocery store at some point.

If I could just wake up enough in the morning to keep going after I drop my youngest off at school. But I don’t. Today I didn’t even take out my contacts; I just slept in them.

And like I said, every spring is like this. There’s no getting away from it. It makes me hate myself and hate life. I’m not suicidal by any means. I’m just SO TIRED. I guess I went too fast when I was manic last year and wore myself out.