I made a mistake about today–my appointment with Tillie is not until next Tuesday on the 16th. I had read the rounded six as a zero. I discovered it once I looked at the appointment card closely, so that was fine. I’ve been reading over my thesis and making little baby revisions here and there–I m still waiting for my edits from last week and about halfway through my process essay. I boiled it down two facts–that I wrote with ease early in my life with a process of picking a topic, researching it, and writing it down. That was it–simple as could be. Then bipolar disorder hit–and I had to relearn all over again how to write with anything resembling rationality or craft. So that was interesting to figure out.

I’ve done really well today–I’m about to get laundry started and continuing to type my process essay, which I turn in today. I have phone calls out to people for my MCIR story ; I haven’t heard from anyone yet. My piece for BPHope came out yesterday, and I have two more assigned from them. I’m just tearing it up. I like that feeling.

I need to finish the process essay while I have it on my mind. Hope everyone is doing well. Stay safe! Get the shot! Godspeed.

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