I meant to be on my way to Indiana by now, but the moving company is playing games with us on the schedule. They say they’re coming tomorrow and said they would give us a call 24 hours before they were to get here on Saturday, I haven’t heard from them yet today. The way this is starting to go down, I’ll have to stay here to direct the movers whenever they show up and Bob go help my middle one get moved in. She left this morning. I let a supervisor have it yesterday. I guess I should have waited until they had actually come and moved her up. I’m so mad and upset I want to cry. I actually did cry yesterday. My head hurts and I don’t feel well at all. I just want to help my child move and say goodbye to her the last time knowing she is safe and content.

Now I am going to cry. Byebye



I’m about to head out to therapy so I thought I’d pen a quick post. I’m still not doing really well–I had a terrible time getting out of bed this morning and have so much to do before we leave for Indiana tomorrow. Or maybe leave for Indiana tomorrow. The movers are jacking us around and I’m supposed to call them after my appointment if they don’t call and leave a message while I’m gone about when they’re coming. So we will see what happens.

I need to get gas as I’m leaving so I will soon go do that. My middle one is supposed to be down with the last of her apartment stuff today and will spend the night tonight. So much running around and stress. I just don’t know what to do except put one foot in front the other. But I will go talk it all out with Tillie.

Byebye. Stay safe. Get the shots if you can. Love to all. Godspeed.

Happy Birthday!

My oldest and her husband just came by to drop off their puppy in a cage while they went somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs. She is barking her head off. But that’s okay. She’ll calm down eventually. We meet them tonight for my oldest one’s birthday dinner. She is twenty-five today and thriving. I don’t know how we could ask for anything more.

I cannot get my mind going anymore. I don’t even want to write anymore right now. I wish I could. I don’t want to be one of those people who get the MFA and never write again. I still have things I want to accomplish. But right now my brain can’t be bothered. I’m just so tired. And I missed my therapy appointment yesterday. I thought we had scheduled it after the move. SO now I go tomorrow at noon.

I really need to go and be doing other stuff. If I can. Wish me well. Pray. Godspeed.

Still So Tired

I don’t know if I can sleep enough to recover from this past weekend. I keep wanting to sleep but events happen that I have to deal with. My middle one is coming back to get the title of her car transferred to her name this morning and she will run by here to drop off some more stuff to be moved. Our house looks like a Pier 1 exploded in it. But it will soon be cleaned out and that means my big girls will be gone for good except for phone calls and brief visits. Everything will be quiet except for our youngest one going to and fro.

I gave my oldest her quilt from her great-grandmother last night when they dropped by. It’s all pink applique flowers on an off-white background. It’s really, really pretty and I hope they enjoy it. They came to visit for a while last night with their puppy dog, who stayed outside and scratched the door to come in the whole time. But the visit went really well.

I was setting my office back up (the maid of honor flew in from California and stayed with us on the couch bed for part of the trip) and I found one of the bridal bouquets (I guess it was hers) and I put it in one of our many vases and set it up in the den. I think it looks good. The stems fit right in the top and the whole piece looks really professional. My oldest and the maid of honor made all the bouquets, the flowers for the guys’ lapels, corsages for me and his mom, and the flower arrangments at the reception with flowers my oldest bought at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

I am managing pretty well except for the sleepiness. I imagine that might change after the middle one is shipped off. But all I can do is cope with the days as they come. I’ll make it.



Just helped my middle one unload her car during lunchtime. She drove down and is driving straight back to have a meeting at one-thirty. I think she’s going to murderate the team she’s been working with on her final project–they have four days until graduation and they haven’t done their parts of the final project for one of the classes. I don’t think they’re going to like it if they really get on her bad side and she has to raise her voice.

My car is fixed–me and Bob will pick it up during his lunch hour. Something had gone out on one of the back wheels and they finally solved the problem of the “check engine” light for good. Hopefully that takes care of the car for a while as far as repairs.

I expect life to settle down some after we move her and then to pick up again around my thesis defense. Certainly by then school will be out and we can rest until band camp.

My youngest announced to me yesterday that she’s narrowed down her choice of major–either mathematics or civil engineering. I told her I thought that was great. She says she does not want to go to Hinds CC; she wants to go directly to Mississippi State. I said wonderful! So I feel a threshold has been passed. All three of my girls are going to have solid careers as long as they choose to pursue them. That makes me a happy woman. No depending on a man for their living.

I am doing surprisingly well. I figure when my oldest and her husband pack off back to Florida and we have my middle one gone to Indiana then everything will settle in and I might be bereft. My mother-in-law is already freaking out–she has them coming over on my oldest’s birthday night by saying “Am I ever going to see you both at the same time ever again?” So she is coming apart.

I need to get ready for Bob to come home. I wish everyone well today. Godspeed.

The Ceremony

My oldest had a lovely ceremony yesterday. It was nice and sunny and WINDY. But Bob and I had to leave right after taking a couple of pictures with my oldest and her husband because the wind blew all the fish scent off of the lake right into his respiratory system. So we did not get to attend the reception. But the bagpiper was a lovely touch as he played everyone in and out of the ceremony. We had tons of food left over from the reception and my oldest brought it all home to us–so I may not have to cook for a week. But everyone was so nice.

I got to meet the groom’s parents only quickly because they and the rest of his family did not get there until right on the dot at two. They say the groom’s dad and my dad got along famously during the reception. So that sounded like fun. My little nephew Knox was ready to be anywhere but the ceremony. He wanted to go down to the dock and get in the water, he was all over the place and they say it took everyone there to keep an eye on him.

We didn’t have a huge crowd but that was all right. The people that were there were all important to my oldest and to her husband and that is what counted. We had just enough chairs for everyone. I didn’t cry–Bob almost did when we were leaving early but he held it together. My oldest said she almost cried but didn’t. So it was very sweet and memorable to everyone there.

And today after lunch I went to bed and slept until five p.m. I was so tired.

This week it is all about my middle one moving to Indiana, so we will work hard on that all week. My middle one will be running up the road trying to move her apartment down here so the movers can pick it up on Friday. My youngest is staying with her grandparents so she can go to school easily in her new car and then stay with them until we get back Sunday night. It’s going to be a long, hard trip, but a good one. Launching another one into the world.

I think I am going to relax for a while then go straight back to bed as soon as possible. I will be a while recovering from all of this. That much I know. Hope everyone has a good week.

The Big Day!

I am eating my breakfast in some peace and quiet before the bedlam breaks loose. My middle one came home in the dead of night last night–I had gone to bed but I woke up oh so slightly when she come in before passing back out. I didn’t know but what I might have dreamed it. But she is here and we are going to get ready and go.

It did rain last night but there’s not a drop of rain in the sky that I can see at this moment. Hopefully the sun will come out and dry up all the rain. That’s the forecast for today.

My youngest just woke up and came down She is excited to get the day started. My middle one is still sleeping and I don’t blame her. Megan, the maid of honor, is still asleep as well. But they wil get moving soon.

I’m not exactly nervous. I just hope everyone behaves themselves and we don’t have any blow-ups. I don’t want anything to happen to upset the couple. I want today to be a wonderful memory.

T Minus One

Closer and closer to the big day. The groom showed up yesterday with his family–we meet his parents tonight at dinner; we’re looking forward to that. We’re still watching the weather closely; it’s supposed to rain tonight and stop before eight tomorrow morning. So we should still be able to have the outdoor ceremony–but the ground might still be muddy. We won’t be able to set up today like we planned because of it. But we will see how it goes.

I like to have killed myself yesterday. I went and had my nails done, then came home and ate lunch, then went to the dentist and the grocery store. I did Bob’s laundry and then cooked dinner. Very few pauses. I was ready to go to sleep when the time came.

Not sure what today is going to look like–Bob drove my car yesterday and said something was wrong with it, so we are taking it to the garage. He has off today to help with whatever he can. I don’t know as there will be much because we can’t set up the chairs or anything today with the weather looking so bad tonight. But he is making the effort.

We are hoping his allergies can hold out the entire ceremony. The lake house has always been problematic for him because of that. But we will see if he can make it.

I suppose that’s all for now. We’re getting very excited as we count down. I’l blog a bit more in the morning, then I will see you on the other side after the event Sunday! Hope everyone is take care of themselves and holding on to hope. Godspeed.

T Minus Two

Almost to the wedding day. I need to go grocery shopping so bad today. I’ll manage it. Bob is still sitting up at night with nerves. I wish I could help him but I can’t if he doesn’t tell me what is going on. We have a bad weather forecast for Friday night so it doesn’t look like we can set up Friday and have it all done before Saturday. Hopefully we can still have it outside Saturday afternoon–they say the bad weather will clear out Saturday morning.

We finally nailed down the bagpiper–my oldest claimed he never returned her calls and he claimed he had never received a message from her. So I called her on my cell phone and had him on my landline and talked between them. We’re going to have the Bridal march coming in and “Ode to Joy” walking out.

Well, I just got set up for a manicure if I can get therer quickly so I am oing to run. Continue to stay safe. Get the shot! Godspeed to you all!

Feeling Better

My tummy trouble only lasted a day, so I am glad of that. We are’ rocking right along with plans; I have an appointment with Dr. Bishop this morning, so that will be interesting. I should finally be able to do the drug test this time– haven’t been to the bathroom all morning. So we will see.

I took my youngest to school today so the oldest can pick her up and they can get their nails done, then have the bridesmaid’s party tonight. They a going to do spa stuff then watch Disney movies and eat. My oldest will bring her home for her bedtime, then she will go back to her friend’s AirBnB and spend the night. Sounds like fun!

Bob sat up again for a little while last night, but not too long. He woke me up when he came to bed, but I don’t think it was super late. Hopefully he caught up more on his sleep than the last time he did this.

My thesis defense has been scheduled–May 30. So that is nice to know so we can schedule our trip up. I am looking forward to it! Almost done with everything! My only responsibility after the defense and reading is to have them printed up and to the college by the end of August.

I’m about to leave for my appointment so I need to stop here. Thanks for the prayers and for reading! Godspeed.