Well, It’s All Fixed. . .

I finally got the numbering problem fixed in my thesis and barring any edits that Ellen Ann wants on the front and back matter, my thesis is DONE. DONE DONE DONE DONE. I want to go out and do something special for myself but I’m not sure what. I will have the rest of the week to think about that before my oldest gets home.

So now time to start thinking about the next MSS. I started reading it last night and found some parts where I could just lift tiny essays right out of what I had written. Other ones I will have to construct a bit for context and such. But all in all. I think it will be a worthwhile project too. I plan to start on it once I graduate and start shopping the other one around. It’s odd to think of working on another project, I have been at this one for so long. At least I have some sample essays already written up that I can send to an agent to generate interest while they are shopping the other one. I also have the sample essays from Rollerskating Over Forty, so I feel good about that, too. Maybe I can swing my dream deal. We will see.

All I know to do for myself is go ahead and get started with all the spare time I have. Ellen Ann sent me a sample book proposal and I could probably do that once I make the edits that my committee wants this summer. So that is kind of what I am looking at.

SO I am going to go and see if I can do laundry today. I don’t really want to but it needs doing and will do nothing but pile up more and more. Maybe after lunch.

Godspeed, everyone. Stay safe from the virus. Get your shot! Thanks for reading!

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