Hitch in Plans

My oldest woke me up with the news that she had seen sick at her stomach all night long. I had had a bout of diarrhea myself early that morning but didn’t think much about it. Then I had another one. I had to go to the grocery store, so i went as quickly as I can as soon as I could to just get the minimum.

I didn’t get in the grocery store good before I threw up on the floor. A very nice young lady came to me immediately, offered me water, a trash can, a place to sit once the immediate crisis was over. Another one took my cart and a list of what I wanted and went and got it for me and put it through the self-checkout when it was all together. I managed to do the check myself and the left. I took medicine once I got home, then went back to sleep.

My oldest decided that she felt better and is off running errands. So I just now woke up to come in here and type. I hope I’m like my oldest and it just lasts today. It just threw a monkey wrench into what I wanted to do this morning. Candy and Christy came and I t9ld them right when they came up and they decided not to take a chance on catching it. So I’ve missed them. We called Bob; he called to check on me after his dentist appointment then went on back to work.

We had a lovely shower last night–so many people that meant something to my oldest came. She got a nice assortment of needed things and some gift cards so she can go pick out more things–like sheets and towels and etc. She was SO HAPPY and I’m glad they came together to give her that.

I guess I will move on and get some lunch and drink more tea. Thanks so much for reading. Pray that I get rid of this bug and am fully restored. Godspeed.


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