Feeling Better

My tummy trouble only lasted a day, so I am glad of that. We are’ rocking right along with plans; I have an appointment with Dr. Bishop this morning, so that will be interesting. I should finally be able to do the drug test this time– haven’t been to the bathroom all morning. So we will see.

I took my youngest to school today so the oldest can pick her up and they can get their nails done, then have the bridesmaid’s party tonight. They a going to do spa stuff then watch Disney movies and eat. My oldest will bring her home for her bedtime, then she will go back to her friend’s AirBnB and spend the night. Sounds like fun!

Bob sat up again for a little while last night, but not too long. He woke me up when he came to bed, but I don’t think it was super late. Hopefully he caught up more on his sleep than the last time he did this.

My thesis defense has been scheduled–May 30. So that is nice to know so we can schedule our trip up. I am looking forward to it! Almost done with everything! My only responsibility after the defense and reading is to have them printed up and to the college by the end of August.

I’m about to leave for my appointment so I need to stop here. Thanks for the prayers and for reading! Godspeed.


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