T Minus Two

Almost to the wedding day. I need to go grocery shopping so bad today. I’ll manage it. Bob is still sitting up at night with nerves. I wish I could help him but I can’t if he doesn’t tell me what is going on. We have a bad weather forecast for Friday night so it doesn’t look like we can set up Friday and have it all done before Saturday. Hopefully we can still have it outside Saturday afternoon–they say the bad weather will clear out Saturday morning.

We finally nailed down the bagpiper–my oldest claimed he never returned her calls and he claimed he had never received a message from her. So I called her on my cell phone and had him on my landline and talked between them. We’re going to have the Bridal march coming in and “Ode to Joy” walking out.

Well, I just got set up for a manicure if I can get therer quickly so I am oing to run. Continue to stay safe. Get the shot! Godspeed to you all!


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