T Minus One

Closer and closer to the big day. The groom showed up yesterday with his family–we meet his parents tonight at dinner; we’re looking forward to that. We’re still watching the weather closely; it’s supposed to rain tonight and stop before eight tomorrow morning. So we should still be able to have the outdoor ceremony–but the ground might still be muddy. We won’t be able to set up today like we planned because of it. But we will see how it goes.

I like to have killed myself yesterday. I went and had my nails done, then came home and ate lunch, then went to the dentist and the grocery store. I did Bob’s laundry and then cooked dinner. Very few pauses. I was ready to go to sleep when the time came.

Not sure what today is going to look like–Bob drove my car yesterday and said something was wrong with it, so we are taking it to the garage. He has off today to help with whatever he can. I don’t know as there will be much because we can’t set up the chairs or anything today with the weather looking so bad tonight. But he is making the effort.

We are hoping his allergies can hold out the entire ceremony. The lake house has always been problematic for him because of that. But we will see if he can make it.

I suppose that’s all for now. We’re getting very excited as we count down. I’l blog a bit more in the morning, then I will see you on the other side after the event Sunday! Hope everyone is take care of themselves and holding on to hope. Godspeed.


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