The Big Day!

I am eating my breakfast in some peace and quiet before the bedlam breaks loose. My middle one came home in the dead of night last night–I had gone to bed but I woke up oh so slightly when she come in before passing back out. I didn’t know but what I might have dreamed it. But she is here and we are going to get ready and go.

It did rain last night but there’s not a drop of rain in the sky that I can see at this moment. Hopefully the sun will come out and dry up all the rain. That’s the forecast for today.

My youngest just woke up and came down She is excited to get the day started. My middle one is still sleeping and I don’t blame her. Megan, the maid of honor, is still asleep as well. But they wil get moving soon.

I’m not exactly nervous. I just hope everyone behaves themselves and we don’t have any blow-ups. I don’t want anything to happen to upset the couple. I want today to be a wonderful memory.


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