The Ceremony

My oldest had a lovely ceremony yesterday. It was nice and sunny and WINDY. But Bob and I had to leave right after taking a couple of pictures with my oldest and her husband because the wind blew all the fish scent off of the lake right into his respiratory system. So we did not get to attend the reception. But the bagpiper was a lovely touch as he played everyone in and out of the ceremony. We had tons of food left over from the reception and my oldest brought it all home to us–so I may not have to cook for a week. But everyone was so nice.

I got to meet the groom’s parents only quickly because they and the rest of his family did not get there until right on the dot at two. They say the groom’s dad and my dad got along famously during the reception. So that sounded like fun. My little nephew Knox was ready to be anywhere but the ceremony. He wanted to go down to the dock and get in the water, he was all over the place and they say it took everyone there to keep an eye on him.

We didn’t have a huge crowd but that was all right. The people that were there were all important to my oldest and to her husband and that is what counted. We had just enough chairs for everyone. I didn’t cry–Bob almost did when we were leaving early but he held it together. My oldest said she almost cried but didn’t. So it was very sweet and memorable to everyone there.

And today after lunch I went to bed and slept until five p.m. I was so tired.

This week it is all about my middle one moving to Indiana, so we will work hard on that all week. My middle one will be running up the road trying to move her apartment down here so the movers can pick it up on Friday. My youngest is staying with her grandparents so she can go to school easily in her new car and then stay with them until we get back Sunday night. It’s going to be a long, hard trip, but a good one. Launching another one into the world.

I think I am going to relax for a while then go straight back to bed as soon as possible. I will be a while recovering from all of this. That much I know. Hope everyone has a good week.


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