Just helped my middle one unload her car during lunchtime. She drove down and is driving straight back to have a meeting at one-thirty. I think she’s going to murderate the team she’s been working with on her final project–they have four days until graduation and they haven’t done their parts of the final project for one of the classes. I don’t think they’re going to like it if they really get on her bad side and she has to raise her voice.

My car is fixed–me and Bob will pick it up during his lunch hour. Something had gone out on one of the back wheels and they finally solved the problem of the “check engine” light for good. Hopefully that takes care of the car for a while as far as repairs.

I expect life to settle down some after we move her and then to pick up again around my thesis defense. Certainly by then school will be out and we can rest until band camp.

My youngest announced to me yesterday that she’s narrowed down her choice of major–either mathematics or civil engineering. I told her I thought that was great. She says she does not want to go to Hinds CC; she wants to go directly to Mississippi State. I said wonderful! So I feel a threshold has been passed. All three of my girls are going to have solid careers as long as they choose to pursue them. That makes me a happy woman. No depending on a man for their living.

I am doing surprisingly well. I figure when my oldest and her husband pack off back to Florida and we have my middle one gone to Indiana then everything will settle in and I might be bereft. My mother-in-law is already freaking out–she has them coming over on my oldest’s birthday night by saying “Am I ever going to see you both at the same time ever again?” So she is coming apart.

I need to get ready for Bob to come home. I wish everyone well today. Godspeed.


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