Still So Tired

I don’t know if I can sleep enough to recover from this past weekend. I keep wanting to sleep but events happen that I have to deal with. My middle one is coming back to get the title of her car transferred to her name this morning and she will run by here to drop off some more stuff to be moved. Our house looks like a Pier 1 exploded in it. But it will soon be cleaned out and that means my big girls will be gone for good except for phone calls and brief visits. Everything will be quiet except for our youngest one going to and fro.

I gave my oldest her quilt from her great-grandmother last night when they dropped by. It’s all pink applique flowers on an off-white background. It’s really, really pretty and I hope they enjoy it. They came to visit for a while last night with their puppy dog, who stayed outside and scratched the door to come in the whole time. But the visit went really well.

I was setting my office back up (the maid of honor flew in from California and stayed with us on the couch bed for part of the trip) and I found one of the bridal bouquets (I guess it was hers) and I put it in one of our many vases and set it up in the den. I think it looks good. The stems fit right in the top and the whole piece looks really professional. My oldest and the maid of honor made all the bouquets, the flowers for the guys’ lapels, corsages for me and his mom, and the flower arrangments at the reception with flowers my oldest bought at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

I am managing pretty well except for the sleepiness. I imagine that might change after the middle one is shipped off. But all I can do is cope with the days as they come. I’ll make it.



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