Doctor’s Visit

So Bob went to the cardiologist. They’ve put him on a heart monitor for 14 days–he’ll send it back to the company where they will read it and send the results to the doctor’s office. He goes back and gets another heart monitor for another 14 days and does the same thing. Next Thursday he goes for an echocardiogram to check out the mechanics of his heart. At some point they also want to a sleep study on him because from our description he likely also has sleep apnea and they want to diagnose that and treat it.

I am trying today to do without ibuprofen. I only really hurt in the side of my chest and my bruises hurt only when I brush up hard against something. I am moving better, also, so we will see how well I do today.

I need to get started on my story for Stacey to go to MCIR–I am waiting for one more bit of information then will feel comfortable writing the whole story together. I’m supposed to get it this afternoon-if I haven’t heard anything by one I will email her again per her request. I want to get it in by 5 p.m. We will see.

I am holding up better mentally than I thought I might. I still have thoughts of the wreck, but a commenter on my blog said it was “astounding” that I had been through something like that and kept writing and doing the work. So that made me feel good. I think I’m going to keep my regular appointment with Tillie and not try to schedule one before that. Unless something really scary happens in between.

Well, I am going to work on lunch and then go shopping for summer clothes for my youngest–she has finally gotten too tall for her middle-school clothes, so we are replacing all of that. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Godspeed.

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