Praying For Healing

We went to church this morning and had a good Sunday School and service. Bob and I went down after the service to pray that he wil be healed of whatever made him pass out or that the doctors can find out what is going on and treat it. So that was good.

My hand that was so cut up is itchy today. I suppose that means it’s healing well on its own. But it’s uncomfortable because I don’t want to break the scabs and make the scarring worse that it already will be. I don’t hurt except where I had that chest contusion and it hurts enough to take care of all the rest. I just can’t get away from it except when I sleep at night–I take so much sleep stuff that I go to sleep, hurting or not.

Next week I may make it to church, I may not. Candy and Christy and I are going to leave Brandon around 10 a.m. and be ready for my defense by four p.m. I think church will run too long so I think I will just stay home so as to be ready whenever they get here to pick me up. *whew* It’s finally time, put up or shut up. I am so excited.

Bob’s going car shopping again this afternoon and see what else he can find. He says he’s not buying this weekend; he is just getting a feel for what’s out there. But he wants to wait until the insurance comes through. We will see.

Hopefully one of my stories will come out Monday and I will get back to work on the other two I’ve contracted for. I hope I can get more energized this week to do it all. I am so abjectly tired. I want to lie down this afternoon so I will have to see about that. See if my side will be calm enough that I can rest.

I am going to rest for about fifteen more minutes then get some kind of lunch together. We’re going to eat light so we don’t get to evening and skip dinner altogether because we’re not hungry. So I guess I’d better move along wit the other things I have to do. Hope everyone has a good weekend and a good week this week.

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