Up Early

Up early waiting on Candy and Christy to show up and on a friend of my youngest one to show up some time today–she is going to spend the night tonight. I got up just as Bob was leaving and got to give him a hug on the way out. Getting up hurts so much with my side hurting and the ibuprofen completely worn off. On occasion I also feel rough spots in my scratches and wind up pulling out a piece of glass with tweezers. That’s a lot of fun, too.

Need to make phone calls for my story this morning. My emails have not worked so I will have to move on with phone calls to other places. I love legislators who are too ashamed of their actions to answer questions about them. It makes things fun.

Sunday I will finish the program at the W and have my MFA degree by August. That’s going to be so nice. I look forward to going in and revising again. Maybe I can cut out a lot and add in more and keep it to 300 pages. I hope so. I’m looking forward to shopping it around. I’ll probably get turned down a lot, but that’s the nature of the beast. I’ll just have to put up with that part.

I need to keep reading and see what I can pull out of my craft books to say at my defense. I am going to read one more this week and then see if I have time to squeeze in another one before the defense begins. Two more I want to read. I should be able to finish that.

Hope everyone has a good week this week. I am doing my best to be upbeat today. I may still go back to bed, But I am trying to do better. Godspeed.

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