Still Fighting

After I posted my last post I went to our bedroom and just laid down on the bed and started to cry. I mean loud, ugly crying. This went on for about fifteen minutes and when I stopped, I discovered my side where I had the contusion didn’t hurt as much any more. I was much, much more mobile. I think I had been holding in so much tension that i was actually hurting there more than I should have been. With the crying releasing the tension, I physically felt better.

I go see Tillie this afternoon to try and work out the rest of it. I’m going to have to take Bob back to work at lunch and my youngest will pick him up at five so I can still cook while waiting for them to get back. So we will see how it works.

I’m still locked up on writing. I’m going to try to do some internet research before I go and find a source that might be more willing to talk to me. Then maybe I can get over this attack of the shyness and make the calls I need to.

I need, need, need to have a manicure before I go up for my thesis reading–I’m going to try to schedule it for Friday

. I read a really interesting article on the NAMI website about prodromal symptoms in bipolar disorder. It discussed that if you mapped your emotions, etc. before an episode you can see patterns that tell you that you are about to have an episode before it fully develops. I’ve noticed that but didn’t have a name for it. I know sleeping in is one for me and depression, but sleeping in has now become such a part of my routine I’m not sure of that anymore. But it was informative.

I guess I’d better finish lunch and get on with everything else. Thanks so much for listening, y’all. Knowing I’m not just quacking into the void anymore is so, so helpful. I appreciate your support.

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