So I talked to Tillie yesterday about being frozen up and worrying if this was finally it–I wouldn’t be able to bounce back into writing after this time. She told me to cut myself a break and take a break. Definitely don’t make any big decisions. She said the accident was probably much more traumatic to my brain that I had realized before. She pointed out that keeping up blogging was writing and a very good job of it. So that helped. I still don’t know what I’m going to do with these stories I said I would do. I may call my editor and officially pull back for a while. I want to write. I just want this fear to go away of picking up the phone and calling people.

I defend my thesis in two days. I am so excited to finally do this! Feels like FOREVER since I turned it in–May has practically CRAWLED by so so slowly. But I’ll go off with Candy and Christy and have a good time with them and then do my business and be happy with it.

I got my second shot yesterday. So far no ill effects at all. I am so thankful! I need to soon go and get my lunch medicine so I don’t miss my pain coverage throughout the day. My pain in my side is still easing down but not enough for me to go without ibuprofen.

Bob will be home in just a bit. Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend. I took the shot; you can, too. Godspeed.

2 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. Julie I have every confidence that you will find a way to work through the phone fear.
    This might not work for you, but it can be helpful to write a very detailed script for yourself to cover the very initial parts of the call. As specific as saying their name twice “Hello, Is this Joe Smith? Yes Joe Smith my name is …. from …. Is this a good time to ask you a few question ….

    I suspect once you reach them, connect and get engaged, your confidence will return even if for the duration of the call.

    You could even script out what you might say if you need to end the call quickly. So many people screen their calls these days, so it’s good to have a script to keep your composure when you reach a voicemail.

    When I was younger I had terrible anxiety about making phone calls. The anxiety around this sometimes resurfaces, so then I make a little outline.
    Somehow having a script gives a person some structure to hold on to while immersing into the unknown.


  2. You are so kind to give me advice! And good advice, too! It is late in the day here and I likely won’t catch anyone this afternoon on the phone, But I can certainly script all my calls over the weekend and see how it goes Tuesday! Thanks so much!


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