Only One Up

So far I am the only one awake. I went to bed on time and Bob stayed awake forever. I don’t know if it’s his anxiety or what that kept him up all night. I plan to ask him once he gets up this morning. My youngest is still asleep as well. No problem. I only have two errands to do today–Get linen cotton paper for my signature pages and get a mani-pedi. Bob says he will go to get his car this morning, so we will see about that.

I don’t think we have plans as a family this morning so I shouldn’t have any trouble getting those errands run. Then after tomorrow, I have to send off to get the copies printed and mail one to Mike. I hope it surprises him enormously and makes him happy.

I feel better today. Probably because it doesn’t feel like I have a lot of pressure on me to produce since it is the weekend. I am really hoping the defense goes smoothly and I get a lot of feedback out of it. I already know where some cuts will be made–I’ve found some places where I am still in my “advice” mode that I missed in the last revision. And I think I’ve figured out what part I’m going to read–the whole Hurricane Katrina chapter and part of the Amy chapter if I have time. We will see about that. I will practice at some point today. I know I’ve got some typos they will tell me to correct.

But on the whole I’m not afraid of how I will do. I think I have a solid craft foundation, a solid purpose for having written the work, and some strong narrative arcs–being broke in the American South during that time, being a smart girl in an environment that didn’t respect that, and being bipolar when no one knew it. The bipolar is the main thing, and the others are subplots. But I think the defense and the reading will come off well. I’ll have my cheering section and will be content with that.

So I think I heard Bob stirring around to wake up. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. I got the shot–so should you! Godspeed.

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