Ending The Suspense

Yes, I did pass my thesis defense with flying colors yesterday. I found it very much to be like what one graduate that I had finally been able to pin down about the process, at least at the W, said it was–it was a workshopping of my thesis with me as the only student with a group of professors that wanted me to succeed.

We discussed my process for writing, the effect the narrative had on the reader because of the choices I had made, what to alter or change that would keep the reader in the flow of the narrative, my purpose in writing the entire work and whether or not I had achieved it, etc. We were there about an hour and ten minutes–I didn’t notice we had taken so long. Some comments of note–my program director said it had powerful narrative arcs throughout. One of my committee members who is a novelist said I had done something she didn’t think she could do–make ordinary everyday incidents compelling.

They started discussing publishing houses to pitch to, edits to make or publication, going far afield from the thesis as it currently existed. I was super pleased with everything they said because even their suggestions for change were well-reasoned and argued. So I am looking forward to spending more time with it this summer and making those revisions and changes so I can maybe start looking for an agent this fall. Then start on something else.

I got some wonderful questions and comments at the reading itself, and on Facebook, one of the other students who read before me was talking about starting thesis next semester and gave me a shoutout as some one who had been a lot of support and an inspiration to them in their writing. I was so very moved by that. So a wonderful time was had by all.

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