Feeling Better Slowly

I’m still going to see Tillie this morning but today has been good so far. Candy and Christy are here and that always perks me up. I called my editor and told her I was going on vacation and confessed how much trouble I was having working but told her I would do my best come Monday to start working again and get her one story but wasn’t sure what I could do after that. She said she understood, but I know she’s disappointed in my level of commitment. She’s worked through chemotherapy for colon cancer and kept working so I really feel awful pulling back.

After I clean up that loose end I hope to start in on the book project. I will call today to the printer and get the last details of printing my thesis nailed down and then be completely done with school except for delivering the thesis. I think I will do all of that through the mail rather than try to drop off the physical copies at the school. I need to officially move on and find a way to live that doesn’t involve school.

I think I will go do that right now before I leave to see Tillie. Thank you all for reading and for your support. I hope all of you receive hope reading through my writing as well. Have a great week.

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