Day Before Vacation

So we pack today and get ready to leave for vacation. I will not be updating the blog the two days we are at Gatlinburg so feel free to wander in out archives. I have a link that might amuse you–my public reading after my thesis defense was recorded and is on Facebook. I’m the last reader of the night. (3) Facebook I’m reading from my memoir I did for thesis called “Not Quite Right”.

I need to finish my laundry and get together what I’m going to wear. I need to run an errand or two before we leave–gassing up my car and going to get a sturdy envelope for my thesis signature pages to go to the printer. I picked the monastery printer out of our list–it’s a group of Trappist monks in Oregon who print and bind books. It cost a mint but I ordered four copies–two for the W, one for me, and one for whom I am dedicating it to. So that made a nice order for them.

I watched the video. I didn’t look as fat as I thought I might–the lectern helped. I did a lot of hesitation sounds in my Q&A, so I need to brush up on my presentation skills some more. But overall I feel good about my performance, my defense, and all of that.

I slept late but don’t feel any desire to go back to sleep. So that is good.

Talked to Tillie yesterday about my dissociation symptoms and she said it was an anxiety manifestation, but to think about this as well–it could be that my medicine was working to keep me from feeling so overloaded and out of control. I think that is a better way to think about this, especially that some of the emotion is coming back but not overwhelming and devastating. So that helps.

I guess I will run my errands before Bob gets home so I can have the envelope ready to ship off my thesis signature pages when he gets back to the office after lunch. Hope everyone is doing well moving into the downswing of the week. I may be able to post a farewell post tomorrow, depends on timing. Godspeed all.

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