Vacay Morning

My youngest .one’s travel buddy same and spent the night last night so we could get an early start this morning–I just woke them both up so they could get dressed while my husband showers I have all of my medicine and clothes and such packed–I’m not making a production out of myself because we’re going to spend one day at Dollywood so I’ll get all wet with the splash rides. If they’ve actually opened back up–I just realized I never asked Bob if he called ahead to see.

I aim to relax so you won’t be hearing from me for a couple of days. I think I need the total mental break, then I can do this MCIR story and then start revising on my thesis. Revise until August and try to start querying in September when I can officially say I have the MFA. We will see how this goes.

Hope everyone else has a good rest of the week and weekend. We’re about to go off and get breakfast and gas. Godspeed.

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