Back From Vacay

We had a good time in Gatlinburg, TN. Our most pressing problem was that I broke a strap on my sandal the first day and had to buy some flip-flops at Walgreen’s. Otherwise I found out I’m even more out of shape than usual–I hurt after every day of walking. When I remembered I hadn’t done any walking of note since March 2020 when we went to Graceland, I didn’t beat up on myself so bad. But I did really ache.

We wandered around Gatlinburg the first day, then then we went to Dollywood the next day. I didn’t ride any rides because my side ache from the wreck was acting up again, so I sat with everyone else’s cell phones and purses. Bob finally realized he couldn’t ride rollercoasters with his heart monitor on about halfway to Dollywood from our hotel.. But we saw a good gospel music show and ate a lot of good food. We ate yesterday at the Old Mill Restaurant, which survived the fire and the pandemic just fine, it looked like. A lot of other places we remembered were still there–Hillbilly Mini-Golf, the old mall, etc. We just had a good time. I let all my stresses go.

So we will see if I wake up with a better attitude tomorrow than I have had. I hope so. i know I feel better now that I did. So that gives me some hope. We’re trying to see what to eat for supper, whether we’ll go back out or just eat cereal for dinner tonight. Glad some of you still stopped in to visit while I was gone. Thank you for that. Hope everyone else had a good weekend and look forward to a good work week.

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