Day After

I forgot to tell the most interesting experience we had–we were leaving Sunday morning to come home and we saw a BEAR poking its head out of the line of cars in our hotel parking lot! Very scary to see right there in the middle of civilization. We watched him cross the street to go to another hotel parking lot. I was like, “Do we call 911 or what?” Bob said, “I’m ready to go home. We don’t have time for that.” So we just let him go. That was a bit unnerving.

I’m going to mail off my thesis signature pages and hope everything turns out for the best in getting it done. I’m still feeling really lackadaisical this morning–I haven’t quite woken up all the way. I’m going to have to drive out in a bit and get some teas for lunch and see how that makes me feel. I drank mostly water on the trip–I was constantly thirsty. I don’t know if it was my meds or just all the walking I was doing making me sweat it out.

I plan to WORK this afternoon and get this insurance story done. I hope it turns out all right. I don’t know what I will do after that except rewrite my thesis. Maybe they will have another story lined up for me, maybe not. We will see.

Well, I’m about to start working on some lunch. Hopefully I will feel more energetic once I get some more food in me. Hope everyone is doing well here at the first of the week. People in Mississippi, we’re behind in our vaccine numbers–get your shot. I had no trouble at all with mine. Godspeed.

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