Sleep Study

Bob and I go to the hospital today to get equipment for him to do a sleep study tonight here at home. They’re looking for sleep apnea, narcolepsy, etc. to explain maybe why he passed out at the wheel. I hope they find something, either from his heart monitor or from his sleep study. I had a hard time relaxing while driving this trip–I kept looking at the navigation to see where we were and anticipating what I would try to do if he fell out again on the interstate. But nothing happened so all that worry for nothing.

I need to do more laundry today. Candy and Christy took their vacation this week so I won’t see them today. I’m sad for that but hope they have a good time with their time off. My youngest will leave tomorrow to go stay with my parents for a few days and we wil go get her on Father’s Day and deliver all these presents that have been in my house since March. Everybody gets a present!

Harry Connick Jr. is coming to Brandon for a concert and I have finally found how I’m going to celebrate my getting my diploma. A friend of mine from high school and I are going to go see him. I think when I finish this entry, I will go and buy the tickets so we get good seats but don’t get ripped off. I am really looking forward to this in August. I missed him when he came to Jackson last year as it was right when the pandemic started. SO I am going to make it this time.

Well, I need to check in to that. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and that everything is going well. Godspeed!

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