Tropical Storm Saturday

We are hunkered down waiting on the rain from Tropical Storm Claudette to get up to here this afternoon or tonight. It is already clouding up here with the wind picking up. All we’re supposed to get is a ton of rain–but we will see. I hope it won’t be too bad on us.

We are just hanging out for today. We went out and ate; Bob had to come home early yesterday from work with his allergies so now he is trying to catch up on what he left undone last night. I did do some reading last night, but purely for fun–my middle one had given me a book on the “adventures” of public librarians and I polished it off quickly; it was short. Not sure what I’m going to do this afternoon–I feel a little sleepy so I may just nap some more. I also have edits to make on my blog post about medication management for BPHope. So I have choices.

I bought the Harry Connick Jr. tickets and need to get up with my friend when they come in. I am so looking forward to this; I wanted to do something special to mark getting my diploma and now I have it. Very very happy.

I am in a very good mood today. I slept in until about ten and pretty soon after that we went to run our errands. We ate at the new milkshake/sundae bar in Dogwood and split a quarter pounder meal afterwards–he ate the burger and I ate the fries. We were hoping the sundaes would fill us up, but we got through and knew they wouldn’t last all afternoon. So we went to McDonald’s too. 🙂

I guess I need to figure out what I’m doing this afternoon. The clouds are making me sleepy, so I just might turn in for the afternoon. We will see.

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