Another Flat Day

I got up this morning, took my meds, checked my emails, then went back to bed. I think I’m up for good now.

Yesterday I went and relaxed in a hot, bath-bombed tub to try and calm down. It did help my flatness–I was actually able to cry out about how unright everything was and how I truly felt and let the tears flow. That was a good release of tension. It helped me accomplish more that rest of the day and be there for my family when Bob got home.

Tonight we go to a church meeting about the youngest one going to summer camp. I guess we’ll get a lot of good information and everything there. She goes Monday and will be gone until the 2nd of July to a Christian camp in Alabama.

My piece ran in BPHope about medication management. This week I’m writing about how I did college this time around even with hospitalizations, etc. I hope I can do well with it. I think I will start it this afternoon and work with it today and Thursday and send it in Friday morning. That is the plan right now, at least.

I think I will try to move on with my day. Such as it is. I hope something gives soon so I start to feel better more of the time. Get the shot–this Delta variant is spreading and we need more people vaccinated. Godspeed.

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