Father’s Day Redux.

Today we are taking Bob’s dad out for Father’s Day since we didn’t see him on the actual day. So we will see how that turns out. He is having a terrible time with his cancer meds. It hurts to watch.

Bob went and cut his hair this morning and brought me back two chocolate donuts for breakfast! That was sweet for him to do. He looks all cleaned up. His hair is super curly unless he keeps it cut close to his head. So he was de-curling it this morning.

I feel more optimistic this morning. I got to talk to my oldest last night and they’ve hired a realtor and are looking at a slew of places to move to today. So I will pray they hit paydirt today; they need the time left to pack and get moved out to somewhere new instead of packing it all into storage.

I need to set up some lunch and coffee dates while my youngest is gone. I have one on Thursday with my professor for my thesis just to chat. I’ll probably also call Jo and Mary Jane and see if I can meet them. I have another date for lunch with Candy and Christy after they come help me do some extra things that need doing around the house on Wednesday.

I guess I will run. I am feeling better today. More hopeful. I pray that circumstances align themselves with that hope. Godspeed, everyone.

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