Happy Belated Anniversary

I didn’t realize yesterday was my wedding anniversary until after I finished my post yesterday. Twenty-eight years, if anyone is counting. Someone at church today said, “That’s a long time to put up with Bob Whitehead!” Then they said they were just teasing before I had a chance to say, completely deadpan, “Yeah, I get that a lot.” But I love him and would not trade him for anyone in the world.

The MSU BULLDOGS are in the College World Series for baseball finals! They won in dramatic fashion by getting a one-run lead (after being tied for three innings and leaving seven men on base) in the bottom of the ninth over Texas, So now we face Vanderbilt in the finals. Hopefully we can finally get a championship this year. We have had 14 trips to Omaha and never have won the big prize, In 1985, when we had three future major league hitters on our roster, we got to the final game and couldn’t pull it out against Texas. Of course, they did have a young guy named ROGER CLEMENS as their pitcher in that game, so we were just mowed down one by one. Games start again Monday.

I had a bad night last night according to Bob, I know I am kind of zonked out. He says it was something he did but I don’t remember that. I know I had some weird dreams about going back to DDS and working, another about cleaning out my closet and packing and arguing with my mother, and another one about trying to find my car in the high school parking lot. The only anxiety trope I missed was the one about taking a test in a class I didn’t know I was enrolled in. I know where it’s all coming from, but there’s no help for that except taking my meds all the time.

We are waiting for pizza my youngest wanted to order for lunch. Bob’s still not better from having his allergies activated by perfume in Amerigo’s yesterday. So we are ordering in. I think they’ll soon get here, so I need to start winding up. PLEASE everyone get the vaccine before the Delta variant comes for you. Godspeed.

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