I have two writing jobs on my mind–one to add words to a story fragment in order for it to work for a fiction contest, and another paragraph in my thesis-book project to expand on a point in time when my relationship with Bob was disintegrating during my last Bachelor’s degree full semester. So I hope to work on those this afternoon.

MSU lost last night, just watching the starting pitcher just fall apart in the first inning. He didn’t even get to pitch the final out of the inning. Vandy scored 7 runs before the inning was over. So so sad for us. So it’s do or die tonight–but they don’t call them “The Cardiac Dogs” for nothing; State specializes in coming back when their backs are against the wall. So we will see tonight.

I am doing pretty well right now–so well that I forgot my therapy appointment this morning completely. So I will go see her tomorrow. I have a lot of peace since I went to church and prayed so hard for God to break through all the despair, the depression, the discouragement, and the dissociation. I am still waiting on the joy of the Lord to break through. But right now I will settle for peace. Much better than the other options.

Candy and Christy will come back tomorrow to help me clean out some of the specific clutter that I just can’t seem to get to. So that will help me mind to ease some more. I’m still waiting on my Harry Connick Jr tickets and for my thesis copies to come. So I have a lot to look forward to.

I guess I will run and get to work. Thanks so much for reading. I love knowing that there’s someone out there listening. Godspeed to all.

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