Long Month

It feels like summer is just crawling by on one hand, but on the other it’s only a few weeks until my youngest goes to band camp so that means school is quickly on the way as well. But May and June just drug along. Anyway. Candy and Christy are on their way to help me with some of the work that needs doing around here. We will manage.

I got both my little writing assignments I gave myself yesterday done! I submitted the short story to the contest and then I’m thinking about sending my thesis-book project to an open call for submissions that a well-regarded indie press is holding. Just to test othe waters. I will think about it some more.

I want to continue in the vein of doing small assignments that get my creativity going again since that worked so well yesterday. I think the first thing I will do.is read my memoir out loud to myself and see how it is flowing and working and see if there are any spaces for revising. I think I will work on that this afternoon. Maybe go through Submittable and see if there are more contests open I can send my remaining stories to. I only have about three I still haven’t published–Fortune’s Fool, Sow The Wind, and Trade-In. So I can try to see if they will publish this summer. Worth a try.

Well, I’m going to need to run and get ready for them to show up. I feel good today–like I will get things accomplished that make me feel good about myself. I hope so. Godspeed, everyone.

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