Finally got my youngest one to where she could get the vaccine. The shot hasn’t bothered her so far so I hope she has an easy time of it like I did. We had to wait in line–I don’t know if people are getting it for their kids before school starts like we were or if more people are starting to get serious about the shot or if they we just busier since it was a weekend. But it’s done and we got back in three weeks to get the second stage of it.

Bob got hit with some fishy smell in Kroger while we were running errands so he is out for the afternoon. Hope he gets to feeling better before tomorrow so he can go to church.

My oldest and her little family are waiting for the survey to find the property line at their new place comes back clean Monday. There’s a shed on the neighbor’s yard that may be too close to their place. There’s fencing everywhere except for in between the two houses. So they are going to try to determine where that center line is so they can put up a fence since my son-in-law has an outdoor dog. We will see how it goes.

And my middle one has found an apartment that suits her close to her new job that she can move into next weekend and throughout the week. She has a week in between jobs. I hope that move and everything else goes well for her sine we can’t be up there for that.

I need todo some work this afternoon so I will need to run. Hope everyone has a blessed day.



Had someone else not recognize me with white hair. I was in the grocery store and saw a couple that have been friends with my in-laws for years. I went and spoke to the lady and it was evident she had no idea who I was–she was just being polite. I told them who I was and made the joke about my “pandemic haircut” so they wanted to know how the family was doing. I talked about my new grandbaby and where all my girls had scattered to. So that was interesting.

My youngest is having an active social life even with band camp–probably just a foretaste of what we’re in for during the school year. This year she can date and I get the feeling we may see more boys than we ever did with the other two. But we can pray and the first date is always here for dinner.

I don’t know what is wrong with me. It’s like I have a combined case of stage fright and fear of failure whenever I set out to write or send off a piece. I don’t know what is wrong. I want to get over it. I guess the only way is to somehow trick myself into starting.

I know I’m emotionally worn out with this summer, but we made it through. I should feel better than I do with how well everything has turned out. Maybe I just have an emotional hangover from it all. I really want to sleep and I feel like it is somewhat restorative of my mental health. I just take longer to bounce back from every psychic blow.

I’m going to take my youngest to get the shot tomorrow. I hope she doesn’t have any kind of reaction, like me. But we will get it done.

I suppose I need to start trying to break this fear. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Godspeed.

Good News Again!

My son-in-law has finally been called back to his old job at Disney! My oldest and he are so excited. This will make a huge difference for them moneywise and in working out childcare for my grandson with Disney’s daycare when my daughter goes back to work. They may be able to work out a swing shift arrangement so he doesn’t even have to go, which will be so nice. Life is finally falling back into place for them after some of the most harrowing situations. I t old her “Praise God! Hallelujah!” when she called. Now to get this mortgage on their new place worked out.

I feel much better after getting all this good news from my kids. Teaches them resilience and how to keep moving forward even when there seems to be no hope. Taking charge of their circumstances and changing them when they have to and hanging in there when maybe they can’t. Such good news.

Bob took me out to eat today and the place had turnip greens but didn’t have cornbread!? They said their oven had broken down and they just didn’t have any. I ate my turnip greens but really missed the cornbread. Oh well. First World problems.

I am in a pretty good mood today. I lazed around in the bed but got up this morning and am trying to do some work. We will see. Once I got woke up I’ve felt good. Trying to prepare for school and all that entails. I really hope I can get back into serious work and see what I can produce this year. I really want to get more disciplined in my writing. I’ve held to writing here everyday and am proud of that. But it’s time to get serious about writing new work and seeing how I can do.

Gotta go take medicine. Hope everyone is doing well; stay safe from the delta variant. Godspeed.

Tying Up Loose Ends

Bob went and got his CPAP machine this morning. They told him how to operate it and how to clean it, so I have some shopping to do to get materials for running it and cleaning it. It looks really big and uncomfortable. I hope he’s able to adjust to it and it can help him. I hope it solves his problem with passing out. I don’t think he plans to do any more follow up. I wish he would. If he passes out again I hope it won’t be at the wheel of a car.

My program director for the MFA said in an announcement that Friday is graduation. I hope I get my theses soon and am able to deliver them to the W. I will be waiting for my diploma to put up in my office I think I’m going to s3nd more emails later this afternoon and see what I come up with. I’ve got to get over the stage fright with it if I’m going to go back to MCIR.

My youngest is almost finished with band camp–only two more days. I hope it goes well for her. Today is cloudy so maybe it won’t be as hot as predicted. That would be nice. The heat index is the scary number. I remember lots of 100-degree days when I was a kid, particularly in July and August. But we had never heard of “heat index”–where the effect of the high humidity made it feel hotter than it was. So that’s a new wrinkle.

I feel pretty good. I’m waiting on Candy to come by and pick up her broom. Then I will go run errands. I was really sleepy today. I went early to the dentist get my new crown and the dentist said it was messed up–there was too much room between my teeth. So they took it of and are going to send it back and get it fixed and call me when it’s ready.

And the contract for the house for my oldest was finalized yesterday. Now we need to work out the nuts and bolts of getting the money together. I have to call someone at the bank for Bob since she is not answering her phone wen he’s home at lunch to call. So I guess I better do that right quick. Thanks everyone for reading and for supporting me through the last difficult few months.


My oldest and her husband have signed a contract for a new home with a closing date of August 9 as long as as the home inspection and survey for the land boundary and the title search come back clean. So they are excited. The baby has almost gained back up to his birth weight so the doctors are happy about that. My oldest goes back to the doctor tomorrow and see if she is cleared to drive so her husband can go back to work. I am so relieved they can soon put this crazy time behind them.

I went and talked to Tillie today and enjoyed talking about the baby and everything that had gone on. She said it seemed like I was really using my coping skills to make through a really nerve-wracking time and I agreed. I took my magazine article for BP Magazine to show her and took the extra copies to go in the waiting room. So I think that was a good thing to do. Tomorrow I go get my new crown for my tooth and Friday I got to orientation to get my youngest’s papers turned in so she can start school next Friday.

Did I say that my middle one took an offer for a new job? She was looking at two offers and picked the one with the salary uptick. She will be working on preservatives and new flavors for donuts for a national food chain based in the same area as her current job. So she won’t have to move far at all. But she will need to move a bit to keep her commute from being longer. She sounds so excited to be doing this. I am so proud of these kids taking care of themselves.

I am feeling good right now. Did some more research for my current project and will be acting on that soon. Hope I can get a nibble or two out of some of these people. We will see.

I will soon be starting cooking dinner. I am so sleepy. I have been up all day so that is good. But I don’t know how late I will stay up tonight. I hope to turn in kind of early. We will see. Hope everyone is being taken care of with this new COVID variant and staying safe. Godspeed.

Old Friends

Went to see my friend Anita at lunch to give her the other ticket to the Harry Connick Jr concert in August. We had a good visit; talked about Ackerman and our parents and our kids. They are looking at moving to Madison/Ridgeland this next summer, downsizing and getting closer to work, if they ever go back to the office. Their youngest is a senior this year so they will be free to move without worrying about the schools and find something configured to where her mom can come and live with them if need be at some point in the future.

I went to the grocery store afterwards and got meals for the week but forgot Bob’s Dr. Pepper, so I will need to go back tomorrow. That will be fine; he has one left. I am going to work on his laundry and mine this afternoon. Being busy.

My youngest is now doing all day band camp this week, then there’s a week off until Friday and they go to school for one day then the weekend. Start for real the next Monday. So that will be fun. And I can see if I can come back to doing work for MCIR. I hope so. I have had a lot of satisfaction doing these stories for them, and I hope I have the bandwidth to start back.

I’ve had a good day so far. It’s hot and I’m not dressed for it, but I don’t plan to get out again today except to check the mail. My mood is good and I am not sleepy like I was this morning. Haven’t heard from my oldest yet today; Bob is going to see about doing the fund rearranging for helping them to get the house they want and need desperately.

I guess I will run get going on work. Hope everyone is having a good day today and enjoying the last of summer vacation. Godspeed.

Lazy Sunday

I slept most of the day. I tried to doze off in church; I napped before fixing lunch, then I slept after eating lunch. So that is why I am posting late today. My oldest has called several times asking Bob questions about negotiating for this new place they are trying to get, and it seems things are going well–no crying phone calls yet. So hopefully this is going to manifest for them soon. I pray nothing happens at the last minute to break the deal.

My youngest has gone off with her youth group tonight for dinner and fun with them as summer comes to an end. She should be back before nine. She starts full-day band camp this coming week. I’ll be doing last-minute doctors’ appointments and such so that will wrap every thing up nicely before school starts.

I’ve started submitting stuff again; we will see if we get any more nibbles from people. I am working my way down a list and taking it slow so I don’t get overwhelmed. Then August I’ll start on my new project and see how that goes.

My mood has held up well; I’m not anxious or sad as I have been. So that is good. I will feel most easy once the kids are in their new place. But I’m learning to be more resilient when the bad feelings come. That’s what I need the most.

I guess I will move on to other things tonight. I hope this week goes well for everyone and that the COVID situation starts to cool off and that people will figure out what needs to be done as the kids go back to school.

Hopefully Progress

Well, my oldest seems to have found a house that will work for them; they just have to get the negotiations going and all the inspections completed and the financing worked out. I am so glad this search looks to be over. I know they and I will rest much easier getting out of what kind of fix they are in.

My youngest is too tired to run errands with me so we are just going to hang around the house today. Bob doesn’t feel well and doesn’t want to do much of anything either. He says it’s definitely a sinus infection rather than COVID. So I am feeling safe with that assessment. He knows how he feels better than I do.

My sister called me to find out about the baby and to just talk for a little while. We talked for a long while–we don’t talk often, but when we do it ranges far afield of the original subject because everything has associations for us that no one but us two can understand. 🙂

I am going to pray all day that this house will work out for them, and they can get in it before the beginning of next month. That will be such a blessing.

Guess I will run and see what else I can get done. Pray for all of us through this. As you can imagine, the anxiety I have been feeling is going down quickly. I got in a very bad place there for a while. But things are looking up. Godspeed.


So my oldest and my son-in-law called last night and talked to us about some things to look at in the houses/trailers they are going to see today. My oldest said they were going to see four properties today. I hope they find something soon.

Took my youngest to get her checkup today–they said everything was fine and that she had grown an inch. Her weight is still stable so that is good. They said they saw no problem with her getting the COVID vaccine so we are going to do that tomorrow. I’m just scared to send her to school without it.

Waiting to hear if my middle one has decided between her two job offers yet. I’m sure we’ll hear from her once it’s all done. (EDIT: She took the one she liked; just heard from her and she sounds so HAPPY.) None of them ever tell us anything about their business until they’ve already taken care of it far as they can handle it. So. I suppose that’s a good thing–they have their independence.

My liver profile came back much improved from the last time, just about back to normal . So I suppose it was the NSAIDS. I’ll know to stay away from them from now on. My side still hurts but this just may be something permanent to deal with whenever I exert myself. We will see.

Bob is trying to come down with something–he says it feels like a sinus infection. I hope that’s all it is. I hope he doesn’t have COVID again. So that is a worry as well.

So much on my plate. But school is going to start soon and that will be complicated, too. At least I no longer have to drive my youngest around anymore. She has her own car. So proud of that.

I suppose I will go out and run errands some more. Hope everyone has a great day. Godspeed.

Slow Day

I went back to Dr. Morris today to check on my liver panel. It was elevated when I had my last cholesterol check; I was taking NSAIDs for my chest contusion so the nurse said that may be why it elevated, so I quit. Today we find out if anything is going on or not. I hope not. I don’t need anything stressing me out.

My oldest sounded last night like they were negotiating a deal for a house, so I hope that comes through for them and soon. She said the baby is doing fine–she’s now pumping breast milk for him and said he took really good to the bottle. So that is a big relief.

My middle one called us last night; she has negotiated two job offers from companies since she hates the way the people who first hired her were treating her. So she just needs to decide which one she wants. Both are in the Indianapolis area, so she would only have to move a little ways to be closer to work. She said she had a handle on taking care of that, too. So we hope she will be happier.

I think I may go back to sleep after the youngest one leaves for band camp. The lassitude is overwhelming. I just want to sleep.

My theses should be emailed next week, the press said in a reply email. My other order for Bob’s birthday shows it delivered July 9 on the tracker, so they are investigating that. So hopefully everything will be coming in soon.

I suppose I will run and finish my lunch. Godspeed, everyone.