Fourth of July!

So Bob woke up with the taste for a hotdog, something grilled, for Fourth of July So we went to our favorite burger joint to see if they also had hotdogs. They did. So now he is content. Me and the youngest just got our regular hamburgers. So that was lunch.

I need to start Bob’s laundry in a bit, and then i may go back and start reading out loud again to finish my manuscript. I am really feeling a pull to just start shopping it around instead of waiting until August when I have my diploma in hand. I am just impatient to start my next project, A Year Without Writing.

Tillie asked me if I were sure that it wouldn’t trigger me off, and I said I don’t think so. It was all over a decade ago, and I know I held up my end of the bargain correctly, so I don’t see it upsetting me. We will just have to see. I’ve already written some sample essays out of it, so I can use those in case I do get someone interested in a deal. So that is where I think I will start for tomorrow.

I feel really good today. Things have eased up for my kids and that has made me very happy. It really was weighing on me, so now I feel a lot better. I’ve been being careful with my medicine and that has held up really well. I see Dr. ishop again on the 14th. I got see the dentist tomorrow so that will be fun. (NOT).

So now I will work on Bob’s laundry really quick them come back and start to work. Hope, hope, everone is celerating today however they can with family and friends.

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