First Day

I actually got up before Bob left this morning and have stayed awake all morning. So that makes me feel good. I have a phone call coming in this morning at ten so I will be busy most of the rest of the morning. Hopefully I can get laundry started and maybe do some work on my MCIR story. We will see.

Candy and Christy are here so we have had fun talking. They thought my purse was cute. Christy had to take her daughter to Memphis for a doctor’s appointment so they came today instead of yesterday. Not much chatter this morning, so that is why I am back on this right now.

I am starting to yawn–I might start lunch right after my phone call. I’m already getting a little hungry from getting up so early. But at least I have my new medical regimen going. I don’t feel as down so I am hoping this is a real change.

I thank all you folks who leave comments cheering me on. It’s nice to know someone is pulling for you to succeed. I appreciate all my readers, new or old. I’ll make it. I have a good support system, good health care, good counseling, and a good God to lean on. Godspeed.

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