Next Day

I feel much better even though I slept in a bit. We have had some excitement–my middle one that we just visited called yesterday to say she has COVID. We went out and got home tests and found out we’re all negative. So that was good news. Bob is having to stay off work until he takes another test and it’s negative. And since my youngest had a negative test she doesn’t have to quarantine from school. I just hope they were all real negatives and we don’t get sick.

I asked my mid e one if she wanted me to come up since last time she got dangerously down with it, and she said she thought she could make it on her own. So that is where we are with that.

I need to run out and get us some quick meals for the next three nights–my youngest is going to be out with friends tonight, we have the ball game tomorrow night, and my youngest is supposed to go spend the night with her grandparents Saturday night. We will see if I go see my parents Saturday after I call them in just a bit.

I just want to catch my breath between crises, please. At least this time I’m not working myself into a frenzy. I am a lot calmer. So that is a help.

Hope everyone is being safe. We are doing our best down here. Pray as you feel led. Thanks so much for reading.

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