Just got off the phone with my middle one–she said she is actually feeling better somewhat. She has a date to return to work on September 20–hopefully she will be all better by then and finish out her quarantine period.

My youngest tested herself again today, and it was negative so she is still going to the football game this weekend with her grandparents. I am going to go see my mom on her birthday Sunday. I need to go pick up a present for her today. I hope I will just be able to walk in and get it and not have to order anything. But we will see.

I got up early this morning but couldn’t face not being to do much with a long empty day, so I went back to sleep. We will see ow the rest of the day goes. I’m going to make some phone calls once Bob leaves and try to accomplish something besides laundry today.

I’m not ruminating anymore, so that is good. I can stop my thinking before it gets out of control. I am trying to talk to myself and encourage myself but whenever I do I still have the underlying soundtrack of, “It doesn’t matter; I don’t care” going on–not as loudly as before, though. Maybe soon I can completely leave all that behind.

I guess I will run try to get something done. Hope everyone has a good Friday and a good weekend. Godspeed.

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